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HBS Case SolutionDell’s resolution to go private. He discusses both case study answer advantages and case study answer negatives linked to a private company, and attempts to offer case study answer reader perception into case study answer economic prowess or lack thereof of this certain association. The premise that case study solution article is in response to is that Dell and Silver Lake an investment firm are considering a $24 billion deal to go deepest due to inefficient industry performance and declining attention in stock investors. However, one of case study answer chief tenets that Eavis contends this is spurring this deal is case study solution incontrovertible fact that Dell allegedly has Insolvency LawCash flow and stability sheet testsThe cash flow test very simply put is case study solution means of an organization to repay their debts as they’re liable to pay them; i. e. As soon as they’re indebted they have already got generated case study answer money to pay it off instantly.